Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How do you rate?

The Business Link, the federal-provincial small business centre in Edmonton, has compiled a list of the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Here is an edited version of their findings.

The most important thing you can do as an entrepreneur is understand your own strengths and weaknesses. So why not compare yourself to this list and see how you rate - and where you may need help.

Researchers and experts have found that, on the whole, the entrepreneur:

* works long, hard hours and is driven by a need to challenge one's self
* likes to compete and is a self-starter
* is able to determine risk and has the courage to take risks but is not a gambler
* is independent and self-confident, yet knows when to get help
* is able to do many things at once and likes a challenge
* is creative, and has dreams and goals
* likes to work for him/herself and be in control
* is hardworking and willing to stick with a project
* has lots of energy and can handle stress
* has a strong sense of self-worth
* is motivated by a strong desire to achieve and attain financial success
* is a positive thinker who does not dwell on setbacks
* focuses his/her attention on the chances of success rather than the chances of failure
* has a high tolerance for ambiguous, unstructured situations
* possesses a desire for change and constant improvement
* listens and communicates well
* is influenced by entrepreneurial role models
* sets realistic, attainable goals
* is able to get along with and adapt to all types of people
* is able to exert influence and inspiration on others without a need to impose status or power

Imagine: many people in big businesses think entrepreneurs have it easy!

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