Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Your window seat on The Rise of the West

Speaking of Alberta Venture, as I did in my previous post, I have been remiss in not keeping you up to date with my monthly column in the Edmonton-based business magazine, which may be one of the best magazines you never read.

As part of their continuing coverage of the Rise of the West, I write a back-page column examining how the East (that would be Ontario, mainly) views Alberta. In two years, of course, the Eastern attitude has changed from one of smug neglect to shock and awe as Canada's wealth (and many of its best and brightest) heads West in pursuit of petrodollars and the boom they create.

Although Ontario-born and bred, I love Alberta and its fresh, bold, can-do spirit. If it is destined to eclipse tired old Ontario as the economic heart of the country, we couldn't ask for a better outcome.

Anyway, here are links to my three most recent columns to help you stay updated on one of the most seismic shifts happening in Canada today:

January: Advice from the East for Alberta’s new premier

February: Nova Scotia business claims a piece of Alberta's boom

March: Canada's cultural leadership is heading West, too

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